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Music courtesy of The Woohoo Revue, many thanks, used with permssion. Video and photography by Matt Roberts.


This was our dream from the start, the reason Eifer was founded. Like most people we looked in our ceiling or in our floor and thought “what a waste of space”. It’s always been so inaccessible and difficult to utilise. Why couldn’t something drop from the ceiling which increased storage space in any room?! Well we finally figured it out after two years, four prototypes and a sizeable investment.

An EiferSpace unit is a bespoke system, custom made for your project. You decide on size and shape, each material, drawers, cupboards, lighting. Want to double your kitchen space? Need somewhere to hide a safe? Want three wine fridges to pop up out of your floor? Whatever you can dream up, get in contact and see what we can do.

If you don’t have a ceiling cavity it doesn’t matter. By creating a feature out of the unit we can have it sit below the ceiling. Even in an apartment with a slab for the ceiling it is fine.

EiferSpace’s main advantage is safety. A major challenge was creating a safety system that would cut the motor out if something jammed when the unit closed. With a combination of pressure sensitive micro switches and lasers that cut out when their beam is broken. With this feature the EiferSpace is practical for everyday use.

EiferSpace - 1 min video




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