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Wanting to grow a vertical garden at his own house Jackson was frustrated with the options available, especially after seeing how well it was done in Europe. So with the help of hydroponic technician Jordan Smith, he scratched his own itch. After a couple of years of hard work and a stack of prototypes, we have refined the registered design of EiferPonics to its current form.

The engineered stainless steel frame and mesh secure the rockwool in neat, clean, individual units. Everything is concealed so that even without plants the panels look great. Whilst designing our EiferPonics system, we were very conscious of increasing space density. At 80mm thick, these systems ensure a massive space saving on your room footprint. The design is modular and customisable so it will fit any space or condition perfectly. Indoors with very low light we can also install daytime grow lights to make sure everything stays healthy.

Utilising hydroponics we have complete control of everything. Forget soil that turns into a pouch of dust and husks. The rockwool is a completely inert, fire retardant material, which being a fibre never breaks down or loses its form. You naturally have less insects and disease because bacteria and pathogens in the soil don’t exist. For that reason it is sustainable because less plants get interchanged and all the tailored nutrients are delivered to the plants from the reservoir, indefinitely.

One of the most exciting advantages is plant bio-diversity. We have a massive range of plants we can grow in our panels because we have a plant every square of mesh. (100 for every m2!) So if we have a species that weeps or creeps we don’t need to worry about the pot/pouch above being visible. Making plant patterns is fun to design.


If you want the flexibility of hiring, we build mobile self contained, free-standing vertical gardens. These are perfect because you can stack multiple units together to create instant effects, or spread them out as room dividers. No power is required, everything to automate the watering is self-contained and hidden. The hire includes maintenance and upkeep for the unit.

Whether it’s short term at a wedding or conference, or long term in a café or office, EiferPonics is perfect. Panels available are 2.4m tall x 1.2m wide or on special request 1.4m tall x 2.4m wide.




contact Jackson Roberts, or Jordan Smith