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hydroponic walls by Eifer, Canberra
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EiferPonics™ is a unique green wall system that utilises hydroponics, ensuring that each plant receives tailored nutrients to flourish independently - unlike traditional systems where plants are grown in soil.
Panels can be installed using artificial lights as well as outdoors. They can be custom made to any size to suit the space exactly.

Example: South Pacific

Greenwall installed at South Pacific Hydroponics. It is grown inside under artificial lights. This photo was taken 1 month after install. Already completely lush.


At Eifer we love the environment, advancing products that are environmentally responsible and sustainable. With that in mind, we have designed our EiferPonics™ systems to: - Give great insulation properties because the cages are filled with rockwool and installed seamlessly on the wall, unlike individual pots. - Provide the perfect combination of water, nutrients and oxygen directly to the root system, ensuring minimal waste. Also reducing plant turn over. - Take up less floor space than many indoor pot plants, considering our increasing population density.

Fast growth

The growth difference, one month after installation.


Eifer has a team dedicated to growing, installing and maintaining our EiferPonics™ systems ensuring the longevity of our green walls. Important architectural consideration has been given to our green wall system, ensuring that: - The panels and frame work are fully engineered, utilising stainless steel to be aesthetic, durable and structurally sound. - It minimises use of space. The framework and panels combined are only 120mm think. - It is the most effective way to have healthy plants in a compact system, utilising automated watering. - It arrives pre-grown, providing an instantly lush visual impact.


The team at Eifer are perfectly placed to install a green wall in both commercial and residential projects. Options available to combine EiferPonics™ with Eifer’s renowned architectural lining and cladding systems include; copper, zinc, Corten®, timber and composite panel.